WHY CHOOSE US? A variety of water applications! Water Purification

LEFOO pumps are used for a variety of water applications including pressure boosting, delivery, and transfer.

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Laboratory & Medical Devices

LEFOO pumps are used for a variety of laboratory and medical device fluid handling applications including labwater systems, endoscope reprocessing, medical laser cooling, and dialysis systems.

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LEFOO pumps are used for a variety of beverage applications including carbonation, pressure boosting, and beverage delivery.

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Floor Care

LEFOO pumps are designed for a wide variety of floor care applications including soil extraction, floor scrubbing, commercial sweeping, and truck mounted transfer systems.

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LEFOO was founded in 1995, over the past 25 years LEFOO has grown to a professional pressure control group company and international pressure control manufacturer that has 3 subsidiaries with 3 production bases, which total area is 50,000 square meters. LEFOO Group has 900 employees, includes more than 80 technical R&D and engineers teams.
LEFOO 36VDC 500GPD RO Booster Pump
RO water pumps: the magic solution for crystal-clear drinking and cleaning water in homes, businesses, and industries.
LEFOO 24VDC 200GPD Self-priming RO Booster Pump
A 24V DC water pump is a type of pump that operates on a 24-volt direct current power source, commonly used in various applications such as RVs, boats, and off-grid systems, providing efficient water flow and pressure.
LEFOO 24VDC 75GPD RO Booster Pump
Osmosis pump: Used for applications such as reverse osmosis, desalination, and water treatment, providing stable pressure for efficient water treatment and supply of purified water.
LEFOO 230VAC 150GPD RO Booster Pump
RO motor pump is a device used in anti osmosis systems to provide the necessary pressure for water filtration. It ensures efficient water flow and helps maintain the system's overall performance.
LEFOO 230VAC 500GPD RO Booster Pump
A water purifier pump is a compact device that provides pressurized water flow in purification systems, ensuring efficient filtration and clean water output. It is commonly used in portable and outdoor water purification setups for convenient and reliable
LEFOO 115VAC 600GPD RO Booster Pump
RVs, water purifier pumps can be used in various other applications such as homes, offices, schools, and outdoor events to ensure clean and safe drinking water. They are versatile devices that provide efficient water filtration
LEFOO 24VDC 200GPD RO Booster Pump
A marine water pump is a specificly device designed for use in boats and other marine vessels, providing reliable water pressure and flow for various onboard applications such as faucets, showers, and toilets, ensuring a convenient water supply
LEFOO 24VDC 50GPD Self-priming RO Booster Pump
RO booster pump is utilized in inverse osmosis water treatment systems. Its function is to provide pressure for driving water through RO membranes, delivering high-quality purified water.
LEFOO 24V DC Stepper Motor 1-260ml/min Peristaltic...
A peristaltic dosing pump delivers precise and controlled fluid or chemical dosing, commonly used in water treatment, pharmaceuticals, and industrial processes for accurate and contamination-free dosing.
LEFOO 12/24V DC Motor 5-300ml/min Peristaltic Pump
Peristaltic hose pump is a type of positive displacement pump that uses a rotating roller to compress a flexible tube, creating a peristaltic motion to move fluids without any contact between the fluid and the pump components.
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LEFOO pressure control is a National High-tech Enterprise that passed the authoritative certification of the TUV ISO9001 quality system and IS014001 environmental system. The main products are compliant with CE, RoHS, REACH, FDA, CQC, and other certifications.